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Arish is a natural-element skincare brand founded in Australia's top laboratory. Adhering to the brand concept of "natural skincare and smart skincare", Arish provides natural, zero-addition skincare products for women worldwide. After years of exploration and exploration, Arish combined with the Australian natural skin care concept to create a series of mild, pure and effective products suitable for different skin types. In this era of fast-paced and high-efficiency, Arish always believes that taking care of skin health cannot be achieved overnight. Mild, natural ingredients often provide a safer barrier for the skin, and the moisturizing is silent. Therefore, Arish is 100% Australian origin. It is naturally extracted with a scientific and pure formula. It does not use any chemical additives and hormones to ensure that our products are suitable for sensitive groups, pregnant women and other special groups.

Arish Hydrating essence only uses pure natural ingredients to extract high-quality skin care products. It combines hydration, anti-wrinkle, whitening, light spots, repair and multiple functions. It can be used with various toners and creams. It is absolutely safe and suitable for all skin types. Once you use it, you will love it, especially for the wrinkles around the eyes, and the whole face feels very moisturized and non-greasy. Arish Hydrating Essence can awaken the youthfulness of your skin, contains a variety of soothing ingredients, resists the oxidative damage of free radicals on the skin, delicately smoothes your skin, improves the condition of loose and swollen skin, can lock the moisture at the bottom of the muscles for a long time, and strengthen Skin barrier. Witness the strength, let you experience young, tender, transparent and delicate.

Changing seasons, late sleep, air pollution, and long-term makeup will make your skin "furious", sensitive seasons, dry and rough, large pores, closed acne can use Arish this full-effect serum to help you soothe, Repair, tough and fragile skin, young in control.

A healthy breakfast can provide 70% of the body's nutrition, an Arish essence, can add 100% energy to the skin

It can accurately target free radicals and provide comprehensive anti-oxidation.

Awaken your sleeping skin cells, the skin becomes translucent, moist, delicate and smooth, and the day full of vitality begins from this moment .The ingredients in our essence are really rich, so we call it a full-effect essence. There are only a few kinds of ingredients in other essences. We combine all the high-quality ingredients into one bottle. bottle. The texture is translucent, and it smells of a faint scent, rest assured, it is not that pungent taste, but a high-grade scent.


1, Marine collagenIt is 30 times the hydrating effect of ordinary collagen, which makes the skin lasting and hydrated, and stimulates the inherent collagen synthesis ability, so that the skin tissue repairs itself, thereby improving skin relaxation, reducing wrinkles and moisturizing spots.

2, Vitamin CIt is natural whitening and anti-oxidation, helps freckle removal.

3, Cucumber oilIt promotes skin metabolism and anti-aging.

4, Natural Vitamin EIt pales spots.

5, Natural Vitamin B2It promotes product absorption.

6, Oak bark extractIt promotes cell metabolism and increases skin vitality.

7, Aloe JuiceIt is Bactericidal, Anti-inflammatory, Natural Sedative.

8, Dragon BloodIt is Anti-aging.

9, Tea extractIt is antioxidant which scavenges free radicals and protects cell membranes.

10, Kakadu plum extractKakadu plum is an Australian fruit, known as the king of Vitamin C which has whitening and antioxidant effects.

11, Bearberry leaf extractIt prevents melanin production, reduces skin pigmentation, removes freckles, and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects.

12, Licorice root extractIt is whitening, hindering melanin formation, is a natural antioxidant that does not irritate the skin

13, Hyaluronic acidIt is a natural hydrating and moisturizing factor which can moisturize the skin to add moisture, maintain skin elasticity, and promote the absorption rate of collagen.

14, PentavitinIt is 72-hour natural moisturizing factor.

15, Dragon Blood Tree EssenceIt against wrinkles.

16, CeramideIt improves skin hydration, enhances skin self-healing ability and reshapes health barrier.

17, OligopeptideIt soothes sensitive redness, repairs skin damage, balances delicate skin.

18, GlycerinIt is moisturizing the skin.

In order to distinguish products from other countries and regions, the Australian government began using the "Australian Grown Made" and "Australian Grown" signs (AMAG) in 1982. This triangle can only be used if it is proven that 100% of the raw materials and production are in Australia, and can be checked at the Australian Department of Commerce and Industry.

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