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Rich Way New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels
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Rich Way New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels 1000mg+glucosamine 340mg

Do you have joint pains?

Reason of joint pains is glucosamine deficiency.

Three main functions of Rich Way New Zealand Green Mussels 1000mg + glucosamine 340mg:

1, It could reduce inflammation and relief pain;

2, It could repair and lubricate joints;

3, It could reinforce bones.

New Zealand green mussels grow in pure sea. New Zealand green mussels are characterized by oxidation resistance, anti inflammation and pain alleviation. Further, New Zealand green mussels are rich in glucosamine, 12 kinds of basic mineral substances needed for human metabolism, 18 kinds of amino acid to promote cartilage and amnion acid and various vitamins. All of them could be easily absorbed by human bodies, which are more obvious for various orthopedic disorders, rheumatism, arthropathy and muscle injury. The glucosamine is existed in the cartilage articularis and synovial fluid. The glucosamine deficiency will lead to decreased flexibility of cartilages; then the direct contact between bones will have rigid friction, which then causes joint pain, inflammation, swell or some noise;

The glucosamine could absorb nutrition into protein polysaccharide so as to make cartilage as thick as sponges and increase bone fluid inside joints. In this sense, it can functions as a pad to increase joints cushioning capacity and alleviate impact and friction during walking or jumping. Further, the glucosamine can deliver important oxygen and nutrients to joints to remove garbage inside so as for further protection.     

The glucosamine inside human bodies is decreased after 30 years old. The content is equal to 18% of that at 18 years old after 45 years. Doctors in Australia suggest the adult above 40 years old to take glucosamine every day.

Rich Way New Zealand Green Mussels 1000mg+glucosamine 340mg adopts pure raw materials in New Zealand together with capsules made by a low temperature extraction technology in Australia to retain glucosamine to a great extent. 12 basic minerals and 18 amino acid, amnion acid and various vitamins can be easily absorbed by human bodies, whose effects are more obvious than the traditional solid glucosamine. Modern technologies are applied to detect content and toxicity (pesticide residue, heavy metal and germs) of raw materials of Rich Way Childrens Fish Liquid Calcium+D after a series of strict standards of Australian Food and Drug Administration so as to guarantee non-pollution and sufficient active content. It is 100% made in Australia from the raw material collection to production and bottling aiming at high quality.   


Who need Rich Way Green Lipped Mussels + glucosamine?

Everyone over 40 years old, white collar workers and sports enthusiasts.

Usage: People without joint pain take one capsule with meal daily; people with joint pain should take two capsules daily.

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