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Rich Way Multiple Vitamins for Children
Rich Way Multiple Vitamins for Children
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Why do children need multiple vitamins supplement every day?

1, Biased and unscientific diet;

2, Nutrition loss due to pesticides in food;

3, Nutrition loss due to improper cooking methods;

4, Digestive system diseases may influence the absorption of vitamins.

Diseases caused by vitamin deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency could cause scurvy and low resistance.

Vitamin D deficiency could affect calcium and phosphorus absorption and bone development.

Calcium deficiency could lead to rickets for children and osteoporosis for adults.

Zinc deficiency could lead to loss of appetite, low immunity, and difficult healing of wounds.

Magnesium deficiency causes hands and feet spasm and convulsions.

Why should you choose Rich Way Multiple Vitamin for children?

1, Australia government has almost the strictest drug administrative standard in the world. Australia government uses modern technology to inspect the content and toxicity of its raw materials (including pesticide residues, heavy metals, pathogens, etc.) to ensure the raw materials without any pollution or residue. Since Australia has adequate sunshine, the content of active ingredients is very high. Rich Way ensures from raw material collection to batch production, all procedures are 100% made in Australia with high quality assurance.

2. Scientific proportion not only satisfies the growing development for children but also avoids excessive intake.

3. Rich Way multiple nutrition is made by bear shape with strawberry flavour. It has good taste without peculiar smells.   

Nutrition Information for Rich Way Multiple Vitamins for Children:

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